Attack on Prashant Bhushan is a blot on our tolerant society: Popular Front

Press Statement New Delhi / 12 – 10- 2011
Thursday, October 13th, 2011
In a statement issued here today, the Chairman Popular Front of India E.M. Abdul Rahiman has strongly condemned the attack on leading advocate and social activist Prashanth Bhushan by a communal fanatic group.
He said: “The attack has once again raised questions on the security of the activists who dare to challenge injustice. Attacks on social activists are on an increase which is an alarming trend. If we have a glance over the incidents in past 2 years it is clearly evident that communal fanatics have targeted activists under the cover of nationalism and patriotism. Such incidents are a proof that there is a dedicated attempt by fascist forces to imbibe intolerance among the masses and silence any alternate voices. It was more pathetic that a few sections tried to justify this attack citing it as a reaction to anti-national comments.”

He further expressed discontent over the inaction of the law enforcing authorities. He added: “The unwillingness of police to book such miscreants in the past has made the communal fanatics to feel immune from law. In some instances we feel that the government or police’s silence and inaction directly endorses the heinous actions of such fanatics on activists who question the government policies. “

Popular Front Chairman demanded the Delhi Police to immediately arrest the culprits and also the people behind these culprits. We also urge the civil society to come forward and defend social activists and fight against such heinous attempts of creating an intolerant society.


Media Secretary

Popular Front of India HQ

New Delhi

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