Popular Front Karnataka condemns the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Bangalore: Popular Front of India, Karnataka state has condemned the arrest of Gujarath IPS officer Sanjive Bhatt.

The organization has staged protests in various parts of the state demanding the intervention of the central government in the arrest of Sanjiv Bhatt who was falsely charged for coercing his subordinate officer to sign an affidavit.

The organization submitted memorandum to the prime minister demanding the intervention.



The Honourable Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.

Sub: Request Central Government to intervene against the arrest of Shri. Sanjeev Bhatt by Gujarat Police.


We would like to bring to your kind notice that Popular Front of India strongly condemns the arrest of Shri. Sanjeev Bhatt by Gujarat Police. We believe that the arrest of Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt is a very shameful act and once again proves as how the administration and politicians are using the Police machinery to target citizens. The Gujarat Police in particular has a very awful record of committing Human Rights violation. Once again the Gujarat Police has proved how it can carry out injustice to please its political masters. The cases framed against Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt are an attempt to silence him and a warning to all others who dare to speak against the crimes committed by the Gujarat Government under Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. This action of the Gujarat police under the direct instructions of Narendra Modi amounts to tampering with evidence and direct intimidation of a key witness. It is also a cheap attempt to slur his character and standing.

Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt has been constantly targeted and pressurized since he had forwarded to the Gujarat State Home Department some important documentary evidence regarding the role of certain highly placed State functionaries/politicians and senior police officers of the State of Gujarat in the killing of Shri Haren Pandya. Later Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt also dared to file an affidavit before the High Court where he had mentioned that both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, then MOS Home had tried to intimidate and pressurize him into not giving facts and evidence in the possession of the State Intelligence Bureau related to the assassination of former MOS Revenue Shri Haren Pandya. As a response to his commitment toward truth Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt was transferred and later suspended. Now the latest assault by Chief Minister Modi against him was to arrest him by building fake cases.

It is a very serious condition where even high ranking Police Officers are not spared for speaking the truth. Such immense misuse of power is a serious threat to the security of every citizen of the country. Mr. Narendra Modi and his government are functioning in dictatorial style and make everyone feel that they are beyond the reach of law. If such authoritarian governance is tolerated then in near future even the constitutional rights of every citizen will be in danger.

Popular Front of India sincerely requests you to intervene in the issue and take necessary steps to save Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt from the injustice. The timely intervention of the Central Government will also strengthen the citizen’s faith on law. We also request you to initiate an independent inquiry to probe all cases where the Gujarat Government ministers/officials have used the government machinery to harass individuals.

Thanking You,


Elyas Mohammed,

Karnataka State President,

Popular Front of India.

CC to:

The Honorable President of India,

The Union Home Minister,

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