‘Stop police discrimination’: Popular Front demands the State Government

Press Release: Hyderabad/03-10-2011
Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Inaugural Program
Inaugural Program

The Andhra Pradesh State Executive Committee meeting of Popular Front of India resolved that denial of police permission to hold the inaugural meeting of Social Justice Conference campaign in Hyderabad is a clear case of discrimination against the minority community.

The police have initially denied permission at Khilwath Ground near Charminar and at the adjoining private hall stating the prohibitory order prevailing in the area as the reason. When the objection to holding the hall programme was raised by the organizers, the police suggested to shift the same to another area and police cooperation was assured. Accordingly, the programme was arranged at M H Hall located in Cyberabad area. But when this hall programme was about to start, a consignment of police occupied the venue and obstructed the meeting. In spite of this extremely provocative act, a disciplined audience of more than two thousand people sat for more than one hour with utmost patience and decorum obeying the instruction of organizers. When it became evident that the police had come with the prior decision to obstruct the meeting, the mob dispersed peacefully as requested by Popular Front national chairman and state president.


The meeting pointed out that obstructing a peaceful meeting in a private hall is not a threat to rule of law and hence it is not within the interest of law and order maintenance. The peaceful dispersal of our disciplined gathering even in the context of police provocation has proved the same at least in the case of a Popular Front programme. The meeting reminded that the state police are not seen intervening in various open meetings and street demonstrations being held in different parts of the city by various groups despite prohibitory orders in the name of Telangana agitation.

AP President

There are reasons to believe that there exists in state police a section highly prejudiced against Muslims. The memories of innocent Muslim youths arbitrarily arrested, falsely implicated and mercilessly tortured for the Makkah Masjid blasts actually engineered by Sangh Parivar outfits have not yet died out. Recently, the media has exposed a circular issued by the state police intelligence department infringing into the Muslim religious right of giving and taking zakat in the month of Ramzan. The duty of police intelligence is supposed to be collecting the information and not threatening people. It is not surprising that in BJP ruled states police is compelled act as tools of their communal agenda. But in Andhra Pradesh where the government is run by a secular party like Congress, the police discrimination against minority organisations is an insult to its own credentials and secular claims. The meeting urged the Congress and its allies to take stock of this serious situation and to clean up both law and order and intelligence wings of state police from communal and anti-minority prejudices and double standards.


The meeting chalked out statewide publicity campaign programmes of the Social Justice Conference scheduled to be held at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi on 26, 27 November 2011. State president Mr.Mohammed Arif Ahmed presided over the meeting. Those participated in the meeting include Mr.Abdul Waris, Mr.D.S.Habibullah, Syed Nazeer Shaheen, Mohammed Abdullah Khan, Shaik Abdus Subhan Qasmi, M.Abdul Rasheed Rashadi, S. Mansoor Basha, Syed Abdul Lateef Qadri etc.

Syed Abdul Lateef,

Media In charge,

Popular Front of India, A.P

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