Women’s Code Bill Inhuman: Popular Front

Friday, September 30th, 2011
Kozhikode: The proposed Women’s Code Bill prepared by government appointed Commission on Rights and Welfare of Women and Children is inhuman and anti natural, alleged Popular Front state secretariat. The proposed bill questions the rights of the people to have birth and carry children. The contraception methods including abortion are nothing but anti natural and negation of constitutional values, opined the secretariat.
It also called foolish the thought that the country would get prosperity by controlling human resources here. No civilized nation can agree the idea of punishing couples who ventures to have more than two children. It is funny to discuss the ways to kill children right from the womb even as the developed countries are giving grants for each new born child. The proposal to initiate legal actions against those couples who are opposing the bill is against the very democratic values. And the proposals of the bill which allows the male feticide and denies the male child the right to life are self contradictory, secretariat opined. It also asked Krishna Iyer former judge why he was ignorant of the fact that gender discrimination was illegal in the country.
State president Karamana Ashraf Moulavi presided over the meeting. P Abdul Hameed, T K Abdussamad, K Muhammedali also spoke.

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