Popular front response to Biased news article in Deccan Chronicles defaming organization

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
On behalf of Popular Front we fully deny the contents of the article “Popular Front shifts to Delhi” published today as it is biased. We expect Deccan Chronicles editorial to review this article and publish the factual side.

The article begins with an error and myth “The Popular Front has shifted its national head quarters from Kerala to Delhi resulting in serious concerns for the security establishment “Error: The Popular Front Head quarter was earlier situated in Bangalore and not Kerala. Myth: Serious concerns for the security establishment.

Ms Namrata Biji Ahuja your reporter has alleged many things like Popular front is trying to develop links with Maoist element and cadres of Popular Front being trained to use sharp edged weapons and in fabrication and deployment of crude bombs and Improvised Explosive Device. Popular Front denies any such link and unlawful activities. It is evident as no such case of link with Maoist is registered by police officials and before alleging a social political movement for training to make explosive and using weapons it should be supported with evidence and proof. Nothing more the assumption is spoiling the credibility of the movement of masses. We strongly deny all allegations.

The article says “Elements of PFI have long been on the radar of security agencies for terror activities.” This is baseless allegation. We deny this allegation and till date Popular Front is not been any such case of terror activities. And regard to link to the banned SIMI is just another height of imagination. And none of our members have been link in any terrorist cases.

Your reporter has drafted the report with inputs from identified Intelligence sources. It is pathetic that many communal elements have infiltrated Police and intelligence department who are webbing to malign the identity of neo movement like Popular Front who campaign against anti- people forces, Communal Sang parivar outfits and imperialist powers.

The situation is pitiable as Deccan Chronicle the leading Newspaper of South India which we are reading for years has published a report from unidentified sources IB with scrutinizing the truth of the report.

Is it a crime to shift an office headquarters of national movement to the capital to Delhi?

Popular Front is a neo socio political movement working transparently towards the upliftment of down trodden and backward classes. Popular Front of India has always been in the forefront in condemning all forms of terrorist and anti-national activities.

Popular Front of India committed to its cause of empowering the Muslims and other marginalized sections of society will take these attempts by sections of media as a challenge. We firmly believe that the support base of Popular Front among the masses is too strong to be traumatized by such fake and baseless allegations. The increasing support and acceptance for Popular Front of India in south, north, east and west is a proof that the masses understand the conspiracy against Popular Front and they stand by Popular Front in the path of empowerment.

Hence we hereby request you to publish what we have clarified.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

K. M. Shareef

General Secretary

Popular Front of India

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