Rathyathra by Advani – A Corrupt Yathra by corrupt people

Monday, September 19th, 2011
A cartoon published by a daily newspaper recently depicts BS Yediyurappa (ex-CM of Karnataka) asking LK Advani “Hello Advaniji, do you require a Sarathi (driver) for your Rath Yathra?” This cartoon clearly mocks the impending Rath Yathra by LK Advani against corruption.

press meet in Bangalore
Everyone wishes to eradicate corruption from the nation. But, how can we eradicate corruption when most of the persons involved in corruption pretend to be part of the team which is eradicating it. When personalities like Baba Ramdev protest against corruption is like deputing the fox to guard the lambs. Hence, there will be no value for such a fight against corruption. Whatever has been attempted and achieved in the fight against corruption till now, had no participation from the actual victims – the marginalized sidelined sections of society consisting of poor Muslims, weak Christians or underprivileged Dalits. So the question to ask is – who benefited from this agitation? Or what was the main purpose for this it took place? We have similar questions to ask about LK Advani’s intented Rath Yathra against corruption.

Bangalore press conference

Earlier, the same Advani and other elitist with vested interests have conducted many Yathras in the name of Bricks Yathra, Paduka Yathra, Ratha Yathra, etc., and fooled the common men of our country. People of this country are fed up or even uninvolved in these Yathras. Those communal forces that sowed the seeds of violence, anarchy and bloodshed in the name of Ram Mandir are very thirsty for power. The main agenda behind this Rath Yathra is to bring back BJP into power which has lost the trust of people.

The earlier Rath Yathra conducted by Advani and others have seen lots of bloodshed, loss of life and reticence. They caused unaccountable loss of properties and livelihood and subjected people to pain and agony. Those who have conducted these Yathra in the past and plan to do them in the future should accept responsibility for this anarchy and violence. The same communal forces are now preparing to start another Rath Yathra to fool the people once again and subject them to unnecessary distress once again.

We hereby urge the Central Government to deny permission to conduct such a Rath Yathra. If permission is given and any untoward incident of violence, bloodshed, communal clashes or loss of life is recorded then it will become the direct responsibility of its organizers.

Bangalore press conference

We also urge the people not to support or participate in such an unnecessary or pretentious Rath Yathra conducted by forces with a track record of corruption and communal hatred. The people should understand that this Rath Yathra is a conspiracy of Manuvadi and it exaggerates against financial corruption but remain silent spectator to other forms of social corruptions like casteism, untouchablity, hunger, insult, violation of human rights, violence against women, Dalits and minorities.

Presence in the Press Meet:

1. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe. State President, Popular Front Of India, Karnataka.

2. Laxman, President, Jathi Vinasha Vedike, Karnataka

3. Chandrashekhar, State Secretary, Dalith Panthers of India, Karnataka.

4. Moulana Usman Beig, National President, All India Imams Council.

5. Father Manohar Chandra Prasad, Dalith Christ Okkoota, Karnataka

6. Moulana Syed Saifulla, All India Imams Council, Karnataka

7. B. Anjanappa, Editor, Agni Asthra Pathrike, Bangalore.

8. N. Gangappa, Madiga Meesalathi Horata Samithi, Karnataka

9. Prof. Nagargere Ramesh, Retd Principal, National College, Bangalore.

10. Moulana Zahid Ahmad, Gen Secretary, All India Imams Council, Karnataka.

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