Punish the police officers responsible for firing against Muslims in Bharatpur : Popular Front.

Sunday, September 18th, 2011
The recent incident of Police firing on Muslim at Bharatpur, Rajasthan is a barbarous act which proves the bias attitude of Police towards the Muslims. The initial reports and findings of various organizations have made it clear that it was the Police who made the situation more volatile by intervening and using force against the Muslims. The land issue which was supposed to be resolved by the local panchayat was disturbed by the Police.

The incident of Bharatpur should not be viewed as a single incident rather it is a continuation of incidents that have happened in past. Police bias against Muslim is not a new phenomenon in India, recently we have seen incident of Police firing on innocent Muslims at Forbesganj, Bihar. Such repeated incidents are very alarming and it proves the communal attitude of the Police department. Though several reports had indicted police officers for atrocities against Muslims but the Police have always managed to escape from any action.

Popular front of India strongly condemns the killing of innocent Muslims by Police firing and ardently demands that the Rajasthan Government should take stern action on the Police officers. As the violence is still continuing in Bharatpur and spreading to other places this has proved the inefficiency of the State government to handle the situation. We urge the Central Government to immediately intervene and take all necessary steps to curb violence and provide peace and security to the people of Bharatpur. We also demand that the Central Government should ensure that Muslims of Bharatpur be given justice.

General Secretary,
Popular Front of India

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