Withdraw the autonomy of Oil Marketing Companies : Popular Front of India

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
New Delhi: Popular Front of India has demanded the Government of India an immediate withdrawal of petrol price hike and repealing the power of oil marketing companies to revise fuel prices. E M Abdul Rahiman, Chairman Popular Front of India blamed the Government for bowing before the corporate interest at the cost of the lives of people. He stated that putting the blame of this exploitation on the past NDA Government while allowing the autonomy of the oil companies to continue is equal to challenging the common sense of common man.
The present price rise is eleventh time since the last one year which means that it is almost a monthly assault by profit mongering companies, keeping the UPA

Government a mute spectator. The current oil prices in all our neighbouring countries including ‘more poor’ Bangladesh, ‘less democratic’ Pakistan and ‘under developed’ Srilanka are much less as compared to India. This fact alone is enough to illustrate the hollowness of the claim that frequent price rice is inevitable due to compulsions of international market.

Popular Front of India warned that if the Central Government is not ready to come out of its impotence before oil companies, the voters would teach Congress party a suitable lesson in the forthcoming elections.

Public Relations officer
Popular Front of India

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