RSS carried first terrorist attack in the country: Pattabhirama Somayaji

Deralkatte: “Advani, who in the past had conducted several Raktha Yathras (Blood Yathras) has now been conducting Jana Chethan Yathra in the pretext of eradication of corruption. People of our country accept that corruption is a problem for the country. But genocides are big issues for our country than corruption and it started in the era of Advani whose Ratha Yathras in the past have claimed thousands of innocent lives”, said Pattabhirama Somayaji, lecturer, Mangalore University. He was speaking to a publicity program of Social Justice Conference held by Popular Front of India, at City Ground, Deralkatte on Friday.

He flayed police for denying the permission for Popular Front to conduct the same program in Ullal and said ironically police are more vigilant on organizations like Popular Front of India, whose activities are pro democracy while they are blind about RSS which is carrying terrorism across the country.

“Police denied permission for Popular Front of India to hold rally and public meet on Social Justice at Ullal. They are always vigilant on progressive organizations like Popular Front of India while they are blind about RSS which carried first terrorist attack in the country by killing Mahathma Gandhiji”, he said.

K.M.Shareef, national general secretary of Popular Front of India, in his presidential speech, said that Social Justice Conference will be held on November 26-27 at Ramlila Maidan, Newdelhi, is just a beginning for the Popular Front of India’s struggle for Social Justice. People should join hands with the organization to establish the social justice in the country.

A.M.Ataullah, zonalpresident of Popular Front, D.K-Udupi, inaugurated the program. Earlier there was a rally from the premises of Derlakatte Masjid to City Ground. Large number of people gathered in the rally.

Popular Front state committee member Muhammad Riyaz, SDPI district president Jalil K, Imams Council leader Hafiz Nizamuddin Bakavi, president of Retired Muslim Government Employees Union Haji.B.S.Husain spoke on the occasion.

SDPI leader Abubakkar Kulai, SDPI Mangalore constituency president Nawaz Ullal, Popular Front Ullala president Abbas Kinya, Pavur Gram Panchayath member Nasir Malar were present on the dais.

Popular Front Mangalore district president Muhammad Sharif welcomed while Abdul Ravuf delivered vote of thanks and Ashraf A.K coordinated the program.

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