Popular Front set up a relief camp for river eroded victims

Friday, November 4th, 2011
West Bengal :
In Panditpur – Maya area murshidabad dist, 40 houses has been destroyed due to the padma river erode. Popular front of india west Bengal state president with other office bearers visited the area and express their support to the victims. They said in a press release ‘it has really affected the poor and unprivileged sections, so we will take as much respose to this matter’
Already a relief camp established on the spot on behalf of popular front of india, started free food distrition from 2nd November 2011.
Others some important programmers have taken as bellow .
1)QURBANI HELP to poor family .
2)Speacial food and dress supply on the day of EID-UL AZHA.
3)Blanket Distribution.
4) Pressurize the State Govt for to rehabilitate the victims of the natural disaster.

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