Andhra Pradesh: Popular Front State Executive Council strongly condemns the police discrimination against the organization

Friday, November 4th, 2011
Dated: 4th November’ 2011
Popular Front of India State Executive Council meet yesterday in Nandyal of Kurnool disrict and made
review over the ongoing situations in the state against the organisation by the police department and also
revised the programs to be conducted in the state as part of the ‘Social Justice Conference’ publicity campaign.
The meeting observed that some sections in police & intelligence departments with fascist
ideology and due to their in tolerence of the development of the organisation working for the up liftment and
empowerment of the minorities and other down trodden communities the department has prepared
conspiracy against the organisation especially in Kurnool district, where the organisation has remarkable
strength of cadres and well wishers.
In the recent communal violence of Adoni in Kurnool district where the muslims were targetted and the police seem to be in active in controlling the radicles during the violence, recently the police had arrested Popular Front SEC member Mr. B. Khader Basha & Popular Front cadre Mr.Mohammed Esa allegating them to be involved the communal violence without any proofs, only because of their relation with the organisation and also defame the organisation by posing false allegation against it in their F.I.R. in the Kurnool, district Superintendent of Police Mr. M. Shiva Prasad had ordered the district police department to book cases against the organisational leaders , cadres and well wishers under PDPP Act No.3 of 1984 for displaying the posters of ‘Social Justice Conference’ and several cases also booked in different parts of Kurnool district. few the telegu news media has published the defameing cases, which continue damage to organisational image in public.
The polic discrimanation is continued through diney the permission of mike use in public for ongoing “Social
JUstice Conference” publicity campaign in Kurnool & Guntur district and police are buliding pressure on ground athourities to cancell the permission which they had give earlier to conduct public meeting on “Social Juctice” subject.
when organisation member tried to protest at district collectroate against police discrimanation, police has stop them from conducting a peacefull protest,which is an fundamental right of indian citizen.
The State Executive Council had reviewed the situtations and unanomously condemn the discrimination of the police
department against the organisation.The meeting had revised the programs to be organised as a part of the ‘Social
Justice Conference’Publicity campaign in differenent parts of the state.
The meeting has demanded that the State government must take keen interest for the safe guard of minorities and social organisations, that they must stop the discrimination of police against the organisation and the government must
clear the State Police & Intelleigence department from the influence of Fascist and communal forces.
The meeting was executed by the National Executive Council member Mr. Yasir Hasan and presided by
the state president Mr. Mohammed Arif Ahmed and attended by all other S.E.C members.
Syed Abdul Lateef Qadri,
Media In charge,
Popular Front of India,
Andhra Pradesh.

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