Boycot Ratha yathra campaign got enormous support from the public

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Popular Front of India prepared a hand bill to create awareness among the public about the seductive Ratha Yathra by Advani who has emanated from an ideology that is most corrupt and an ideology of perverted minds. It was distributed along the way where Advani is about to conduct Ratha Yathra. When comparing to the financial loss due to corruption with loss of Human lives, Security of Lives are far more precious than financial loss. Realising the fact local people actively involved in distributing handbills with popular front cadres.

The handbill enlists Sanghi Saffron terror activities like Nanded I & II, Malegoan I & II, Ajmer, Hyderabad Makka Masjid, Goa, Samjautha Express and Tenkasi Bomb blasts claims innocent human lives .It says, Anti corruption fast and Yathra drama is an overall plan of Saffron gangs to deflect the peoples attention from the most serious issues like “killing human lives” by Saffror terrorism as it was exposed to the public recently.

It enlists some of the financial corruptions done by the BJP Governments of Karnataka and NDA, like Highways Department Scam, Petrol Bunk scam, Indian Historical Research council scam, Scam in constituting Fence for Boarder security, Govt Star Hotel Scam, cash for vote scam,Coffin Scam during Kargil war ,Scam in procurement of Military equipments and illegal Arms deal, Karnataka mining and land scam and bribing media to publicise this Corrupt yathra.

It has further questioned the legitimacy of Advani. In that caricature , Advani says “Karnataka is ahead on the right, dont go there, take the other path” it ridicules.

As the Hidutva Fascist’s communally divisive ideology was rejected by the people of Tamilnadu, BJP-RSS combine desperately seeking and trying different tactics one or the other.Their crooked plan and several attempts to hijack some popular legitimate people’s protest or to create sensationalism failed. Advani’s Rath Yathra route was also planned along Madurai, Rajapalayam and Tirunelveli district( which has no support base at all), aimed to woo intelligent voters in those areas. His route was changed because of an alleged pipe bomb recovery. Tamilnadu police had swiftly acted and foiled terrorist attempt to fish in troubled waters.

It is to be noted that in Tenkasi (Tirunelveli Dist) Bomb blast occured in RSS office which was later found to be planted by RSS activists themselves ‘to unite hindus’.

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