Social Justice conference Chennai Publicity Campaign

Chennai: The publicity campaign inaugural program of Social Justice conference was held at Chennai (Ice House) on October 23, 2011.

Based on the theme “Build the nation on Justice” Popular front of India is organizing a Social Justice Conference at Ramlila Grounds on November 26 and 27 at New Delhi. The significance of this conference and its message is being conveyed to every nook and corner of the nation.

In Tamil Nadu the publicity campaign was inaugurated yesterday by a Grand Public Meeting held at Sheikh Dawood Street, Ice House, Chennai.

The program started with the inaugural address of State Secretary Shaik Mohamed Ansari and it was presided by the State President A.S Ismail.

President Ismail in his presidential address narrated the atrocities meted out to the Dalits and other minority communities, with supporting statistical evidence. He further quoted that ‘Equal Justice to all’ as mentioned in the Indian Constitution, just remains in the book. “To identify the status and plight of minorities the Government had constituted many commissions. But unfortunately, the Government has not taken any steps based on the final reports of those commissions. It is an ample evidence of the Govt’s denial of Justice to the minority (Socially Educationally Backward SEBC) community”, He said.

National Treasurer of Popular Front of India, K.P. Mohamed Sherif in his keynote address mentioned how the people of this country in total are worst suffering by the handiworks of Indian politicians and how the Muslims in particular are denied justice by excessive intervention of these politicians.

Nanjil Sampath, Veteran leader and ideologue of MDMK pointed out the Legacy of Muslims and their sacrifices. He quoted historical facts to support his claims and said that the struggle for justice requires huge sacrifices and the Popular Front cadres who have come forward to lead the struggle for justice should also be prepared for it. He pledged the support of MDMK for this noble cause.

Jamiyath Ulema E Hind General Secretary Mohamed Mansoor Kashifi stated that the judgment pronounced for Afsal Guru in parliament attack case and the Babar Masjid (Title suit) case on September 30 were clear evidence for the denial of justice for the Muslim community.

Abdul Hameed, Tamil Nadu Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) explained the (post independence) history of struggle in chronological order and pointed out some historically important events.

In 2007 Popular Front of India had conducted Empower India Conference at Bangalore with the sole aim to constitute or transform India into a stronger people welfare state. That conference paved the way for Popular Front of India to step forward into other north Indian states.

Later in 2009 it conducted the National Political Conference at Calicut. By this conference a common platform for Muslims,Dalits and other oppressed sections of our Indian Society emerged in the form of Social Democratic Party of India at National Level.

Now with a Slogan of “Build the Nation on Justice” Popular Front of India is organising a National Conference entitled “Social Justice Conference” at the National Capital on November 26 and 27, will also be a turning point in the history of Indian Politics, he said.

At the end of the program, on behalf of Popular Front of India’s Community Development Department, educational scholarships were distributed for the poor meritorious students by President Ismail. The program concluded with the vote of thanks by Chennai District President Mohamed Nazim. An estimated thousand people participated in the program.

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