Anti US stand will continue: Popular Front

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
Kozhikkode: Popular Front of India made it clear that it would go on with its proclaimed and consistent anti US stand. The statement is on the wake new WikiLeaks revelations on its strong campaign against the imperialist designs of America around the world.
WikiLeaks’ has revealed that who is consistent and honest in its stand against US and its ulterior designs, said P Abdul Hameed, state general secretary of the organization in a press conference here today.
WikiLeaks has torn apart the anti imperialist face cover of CPM and exposed the unholy relationship of Muslim League leader M K Muneer with US agents. The spy work M K Muneer has done for US on non existent Muslim terrorism would tell you on which side he belongs to, he added.
Muslim Leader’s friendship with imperialist forces like America whose army is killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims around the world is nothing but treachery to the community and to his party.
Leaders also refuted his charge that League leader P K Kunhalikkuty protected NDF earlier form of Popular Front. NDF and Popular Front have sought no help of protection from any party or leader and it stood on its own foot. Anywhere in the state Popular Front activists involved in any bomb blast cases. It was five Muslim League activists who were accused in recent bomb blast case at Nadapuram in Kozhikkode district. He also reminded Muslim League workers to take a review on whether they should shoulder all these leaders who leaked party secrets and spied on the community.

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