Building the nation on justice is the aim of Social Justice Conference: K.M.Sharif

Popular Front of India will hold Social Justice Conference at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi on 26-27 November, 2011. Inauguration of Public Campaigns for the conference has already been held in different parts of the country. K.M.Sharif, National General Secretary of Popular Front of India, spoke on Social Justice Conference in an interview with our correspondent.

Q – What is the object of Social Justice Conference?

K.M.Sharif: Socail Justice Conference has aimed to achieve many objects. Main objects are educating the masses about social justice; preparing them to build the nation on the foundation of justice-Equality-Brotherhood and integrity, uniting them to strengthen the constitutional values and encouraging them, make them to understand the importance social justice and to participate in the process of bringing social justice in the country in constitutional way.

Q – How would you convey the message of the conference to the common masses?

K.M.Sharif: Publicity Campaigns for the conference will be held in different states of the country. The organization will hold Public Meetings, Seminars and poster-banner campaigns in district and taluk levels to propagate the message of the social justice to common masses. Hand bill will be distributed in different states in their respective languages. There is a hope that people from all over the country would flow to the national capital in large number to join the conference.

Q – What is the concept of Social Justice in your view?

K.M.Sharif: No need of a special definition for the concept of Social Justice. According to the definition of Indian Constitution on Social Justice is securing social equality, economical equality, equal opportunity, equality in the distribution of resources and equality in the developments of all sections of the society especially backward and deprived.

We cannot expect a good civilized society in a country, failed to give social justice for its citizens and such a nation will never achieve total development. Increasing injustice is obstacle for the development of a nation and it will become a challenge and threat to the dignity of the people of that nation.

Q – How the conference will help to the re-establishment of Social Justice?

K.M.Sharif: I hope that social justice conference will be fruitful in order to find conclusion that how we can face social inequality that is generated naturally when a section in the country was deprived from the justice.

Q – What was the reason behind your organization to opt the theme Social Justice?

K.M.Sharif: This question needs a detailed explanation. Social justice is a fundamental right of every citizen in our country. Our freedom fighters had intention of establishing the social justice in our country and it was also a main object of freedom struggle. Our constitution says that no one can be subjected to discrimination in our country on the grounds of caste, creed, religion and birth place etc. It also says that no one should be deprived from law or justice because of his/her economical condition.

When we look in to the present condition, can we believe that such a constitution is ruling our country? A section of people which was tired of caste discriminations, starvation, exploitations by land owners and capitalists in our country have now only found the piles of dead bodies.

As we all know, the state, crying that India is Shining, has only poured the real shining wealth of the nation to the feet of imperialists and pushed the people of the country into dire darkness. We are witnessing the corporate interests are building hills of money on hills of money while youths from rural parts of our country are getting around government offices with filled demand letters inside their bags. Social Justice has remained mere concept in our country.

We have to understand that justice is not just a matter which can be gained from the court. The justice that people get in their society and the justice that is assured by the constitution…

What is the level of starvation in our country? In one hand different products are shining in Advertisements while starvation is increasing day in and day out.

According to the Global Hunger Index, India is facing hunger problem more than Bangaldesh. 41 crore people of our country are living in hunger. 42 million children between the age group of 6-14 are not going to school, 16% of rural areas do not have school, and our country has 16% of child labourers. The big tragedy is both our ruling and opposition parties have similar economic and foreign policies. Opposition parties have failed to correct the wrongs of ruling party.

Q – Is the social justice conference focus only on the problems of Muslim community?

Sharif: We will focus on the problems of every Indian community through the social justice conference. There is no difference between left and right and all governments are similar when they come to the matter of farmers, daliths and minorities. Multi Nation companies have rubbed out poor vendors and farmers of our country.

Especially, daliths, in our country, are living under the shadow of exploitation and incidents like Khirlanji genocide are returning, rape on dalith women by upper cast people is daily practice. Tribal people and Adivasis are even struggling to just recognize themselves as citizens of this country and their condition is worst than daliths.

Government is ignoring Adivasis and tribes as they are living different parts of the country segregated to small pieces. All parties have ignored them as these sections have not remained as their vote bank. Their forests are given to Mining owners, 26 lachs of tribes had been displaced from their land since last 40 years and their struggles against government are curbed by labeling them as Maoists.

We have Sachar committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission reports before us to judge about the pathetic situation of Muslims in India. In this juncture, isn’t it a proper time to ask the question Where is Social Justice?

Q – Did your organization made effort to get justice through legal fight?

Sharif: In some occasions, we have witnessed our judiciaries that we believe very much showing discrimination in its rulings. Thus it seems that justice is getting weakened in our country.

For instance, Babri Masjid verdict by Allahabad High Court, Binayak Sen verdict, Godhra verdict, verdict denying permission to Freedom Parade in Kerala. These verdicts insist saffron impression on courts.

From these instances, we can understand a fact that social justice is different in our country from person to person and it is defined on the basis of Power. Media did not show the Hunger protest of Sharmila to the world as it did in the case of high-tech fasting of Anna Hazare. Did the government hear the cry of Irom Sharmila?

In another hand, conspiracies are going on to prevent justice to a section by draconian laws and ruling parties are forming black law with this object. Many innocent peoples are in jail and denied justice because of laws like TADA, POTA, AFSPA. However, our law-makers are aware of the fact that Muslim youths are always victims for such laws. In some places of the country advocates were banned from fighting certain cases by bar councils as they were controlled by Sangh Parivar leadership. Thus legal fight is a part of pro people struggle.

Q – Who are the enemies of your organization which is struggling for social justice?

Sharif: Ours is timely a movement that will be constant against all threatening forces for our country. Hindutva fascism is a big threat to the country and second one is imperialism. An organized people resistance in constitutional way is a good path to fight these evils. And we are organizing the people in this path.

Democratic republic may turn as religious when people pro struggles are bewildered. Thus, struggle for social justice will continue till the nation is built on the basis of justice. Recent wikkileaks revelations have made it clear that Popular Front of India has strong commitment in its anti US stance. Our stand against all imperialist forces including US is firm and no compromise in it. So it is clear that we are against whom.

Q- Why your organization is often subjected to false propaganda?

Sharif: Continues efforts are going on to curb the organization by spreading false propagandas against it as its activities are clear, being strong resistance for communalism and Fascism and rising voice against injustice, for conducting activities with great discipline, for its constant struggle for Babri Masjid and Muslim reservation, struggle against human rights violations, struggle against ruling classes and police tortures, not loosening its stand over RSS and America, rapid grow of the Muslim organization with its activities within the preview of law. Because of all these reasons our organization is often subjected to false propaganda.

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