Sangh parivar, bureaucracy, media nexus behind baseless allegations against Popular Front: E M Abdul Rahman

Thiruvananthapuram: The base less allegations being raised against Popular Front of India in the name of security and foreign connections are creations of unholy nexus between Sangh parivar, bureaucracy and media, said E M Abdul Rahman, national chairman of Popular Front. He was inaugurating the grand public conference held at Gandhi Maidan here held to mark the end of month long civil rights campaign throughout the state.
He also said that Hindutwas fascist forcers were trying to bring back those days of communal clashes after their involvement in recent bomb blasts came to light.
Sanghparivar moles have made inroads into the state administration that it was capable of controlling the state government and its decisions regardless of who is in power. It is these forces in power centers working hard to spread rumors and baseless allegations against Popular Front and other organisations. Some leaders of political parties and a section of media facilitate this hate campaign, he added. For example, the report submitted on Hindutwa terror in the country and bomb explosions they carried out were totally blacked out from the media. Instead the media gave wide coverage for the baseless report given by Kerala DGP on foreign connection of Popular Fronts campaign. Kerala DGP is speaking in the language of fascists in the matters concerning Muslim community.
E M Abdul Rahman also said that the biggest threat facing the nation was communalism and it was not possible to do away with corruption without dealing with this threat first. State president Karamana Ashraf Moulavi opined that it was due to its unwavering stand on corruption and fascism, Popular Front had been opposed. He also said that these nefarious attempts will be defeated for ever.

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