Baseless IDSA writings: Popular Front chairman writes to Defence Minister

Monday, August 29th, 2011
E. M. Abdul Rahiman, Chairman, Popular Front of India has requested Shri. A. K. Antony, Hon’ble Minister for Defence to initiate appropriate steps to stop communally biased, careless and scaremongering reports and writings coming out from researchers and fellows in Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) under the Defence Ministry. In a letter written on 23 August 2011, Popular Front chairman has cited two reports generated from the Institute that are highly tendentious, biased and unbecoming of the reputation of institute itself. The text of the letter is reproduced below:

“The Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis (IDSA) under the Ministry of Defence is a research institution well known for its academic credentials and intellectual honesty. The analyses and studies from this institute are well received and considered with importance among strategic community of the world. It also has an important say on many of the issues related to security of our mother land. Moreover many global journals on international relations and diplomatic affairs frequently quote the views of the institute. Popular news papers and journals also extensively refer to the institute whenever they do stories.

Under the circumstances it is rather unfortunate that some of the writings of the fellows or researchers at the institute have the potential to be wrongly used to create misunderstanding and prejudice against certain organisations working for the empowerment of the deprived classes of India.

We are forced to bring to your kind attention that some of the reports generated by the institute are highly tendentious, biased and unbecoming of the reputation of institute itself. Here we quote two specific examples.

1.In an article entitled SIMI Regrouping :A Reality Check’ written by Mr Anshuman Behra there is an extremely interesting paragraph which is reproduced here: “These recent activities of SIMI ,and particularly that of its hard line faction ,as well as its suspected links with groups like the Popular Front of India and the Karnataka Forum for Dignity and even the Indian Mujahideen clearly suggest that the organization is regrouping to undertake further terrorist attacks in different parts of India. And although SIMI claims not a single charge against it has been proved, the organization does not cease to be an internal security threat”.

2. In a different article written by Mr A Vinod Kumar which itself is a rehash of many unverifiable and slanted newspaper reports, he says “that National Democratic Front has appeared as stronger alternatives to ISS and SIMI and (it has) allegedly masterminded communal violence in recent years”. The author continues to allege that” it is reportedly working under different names to save itself from being banned or tracked down. Surprisingly it also accuses the Congress-led UDF government which was in power at that time in Kerala for inaction in communal violence in Marad and Nadapuram .Your good self was the CM of the state at that time and in both in Marad and Nadapuranm the state govt had shown exemplary care in neutralising communal tension which was basically the handiwork of CPM and IUML cadres.

Both in these instances the learned writers seems to have done a cut and paste job without verifying the facts. You might be aware that the Popular Front of India is neo-social organisation registered under the laws of the land and its activities are perfectly legal and transparent. Mr Vinod Kumar has been careless and cavalier to the extent that he writes there is an organisation called National Democratic Front. None exists. He may be referring to National Development Front the predecessor to Popular Front of India. It is about two decades old and it worked at the time when both ISS and SIMI were working and it never promoted communal disharmony and it publications and statements are in public space easily accessible to anybody who cares. National Development Front, Karnataka Forum for Dignity and the Popular front of India (the first 2 and the Tamil Nadu based MNP and a couple of other organisations merged as Popular Front of India in 2009) have nothing to do with any proscribed organisations.

Only writers with communal bias or extreme carelessness or interest in scaremongering can allege that these are this or that organisation is a case of regrouping of some other outfit banned or otherwise.

Indian military is world famous for being professional and secular to a fault and such writings coming from a prestigious defence research institution not only tarnishes the image of a great institution and alienates and marginalises sections of the people in the process .

We request your good self to look in to the matter and initiate appropriate steps.

We also enclose copies of the articles by A Vinod Kumar and Anshuman Behera.”

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