Ban on Freedom Parade: Popular Front holds protest marches across Kerala

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Thiruvananthapuram: Thousands of Popular Front activists took to the streets across Kerala in protest against state government ban on Freedom Parade which was being conducted by the organisation in Kerala right from 2004. Protest marches were held under all division and area committees of the Popular Front a day after police and state authorities prohibited all programmes including Freedom Parade on Independence Day.
Popular Front had decided to hold parades this year in four cities of the state- Punaloor, Manjeri, Thamarassery and Chavakkad. But the police banned the programme citing possibility of law and order situation due to it. alp

The protesters raised slogans against the discriminatory attitude by the state government against Muslims. Is it wrong for Muslims to celebrate Independence Day, was the question raised everywhere.
Activists questioned the logic of state administration in allowing other organisations to hold parades in the state including RSS which was facing allegations of anti national activities including bomb blasts.

Division and area leaders led the marches.
Almost all cities and towns of Kerala witnessed mass anger against the undemocratic and communally biased decision to ban the parade which had brought the message of freedom celebration up to the common public.

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