Denial of Independence Day celebrations: Popular Front approaches Central Government

Thursday, August 25th, 2011
New Delhi
Popular Front of India has taken the matter of denying permission to hold Independence Day programmes by State governments of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu to the Central government for appropriate action. In a memorandum submitted to Shri. P Chidambaram, Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs, E M Abdul Rahiman, Chairman, Popular Front requested to give appropriate instructions to the concerned authorities in those states to facilitate Independence Day programmes including Freedom Parade organised by Popular Front of India and other organisations.
The memorandum brought to the notice of the Minister that the fundamental right to celebrate Independence Day has been denied by the state governments of Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala on 15th August 2011. Popular Front of India, like many other organisations, holds Independence Day celebrations in order to strengthen patriotism in popular minds and to defend the idea of democratic and secular India.
The memorandum further mentioned: “We have been organising programmes on the Independence Day with Freedom Parade followed by public meeting from 2004 onwards in various parts of Kerala state. And from 2008 onwards Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also joined in the programme. Thousands of people participated and watched the celebration enthusiastically and it has heightened patriotic fervour in the minds of common people. The police records and media reports testify the parades as exceptionally non-violent and peaceful. Not even a single incident of violating law and order has been reported from any states during these years. But unfortunately, some sections of the state police and administration of the above three states have been trying to prevent Independence Day celebrations by Popular Front of India. In this year the state administration of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have denied permission to hold not only Freedom Parade but even public meetings by Popular Front on 15th August. The reasons cited vary from law and order problem to undesirability of separate celebrations by different sections.”

Popular Front aggrieved that other organisations were allowed public programmes on the same day. It also brought to the notice of the Centre the blatant discrimination as such the RSS cadres were allowed to take out parades and other programmes on the same occasion not only in BJP ruled state of Karnataka but also in Kerala which is governed by Congress led UDF government.
A central delegation of Popular Front also visited Shri. Mullappally Ramachandran, Union State Minister for Home Affairs and sought Central intervention in this issue of basic civil rights violation.

Public Relations Officer
Popular Front of India

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