Popular Front condemns govt refusal of freedom march: Coimbatore Protests

Sunday, August 21st, 2011
Coimbatore: Popular Front of India as a part of their state-wide agitation against refusal of the state government and the police department for taking out freedom march on August 15, staged a demonstration in front of Red Cross building.

Led by K.Raja Hussain district president of popular front, the organisations state executive committee member A.Fakruddin addressed the agitators on depriving of the legitimate rights of Muslims by the state government.

Referring to their request to Tirunelveli police commissioner seeking permission on July 20, he said the police department adopted delaying tactics and finally banned the freedom march on August 13 giving no time for Popular front to approach the court.

Freedom Parade Ban : Coimbatore protests

coimbatore protests
Coimbatore protests

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