Ban on Freedom Parade Denial of Civil Rights: Popular Front Kerala

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Kozhikkode: The police ban imposed upon Freedom Parade on Independence Day is nothing but gross violation of civil rights of the citizens to celebrate country’s freedom, alleged Popular Front of India. Kerala state committee meeting termed the police decision highly condemnable and objectionable.
Police have put the ban on the parade at Punaloor, Chavakkadu, Manjeri and Thamarassery citing law and order and security problems. Grounds on which parade is prohibited are very weak. It should be noted that Freedom Parade was being conducted in different parts of Kerala right from 2004. And it was Freedom Parade that popularized Independence Day celebrations which was restricted to official programmes till then. High public participation of the parade was clear indication for this.
There was no untoward incident reported in connection with the parade so far in the state. So it is unreasonable and against facts to ban it on the grounds of law and order problems. The ban decisions is no doubt the result of prejudiced notion of the government towards Popular Front of India. There is no point in denying Popular Front activists right to celebrate independence when all other organizations has chance to do it through various programmes, sate committee observed.
The decision to deny the right to celebrate nation’s independence shows that government is afraid of people becoming concerned of freedom and civil rights. This kind of attitude can be viewed nothing but dangerous.
State committee made it clear that organization will contiState president of Popular Front Karamana Ashraf Moulavi chaired the meeting. P Abdul Hameed, M Abdussamad, K K Husain, T Abdul Rahman Baqavi also attended the meeting.nue its democratic and legal struggle to get its right to celebrate freedom of the country back.

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