Independence and Freedom is our Right. Let us Celebrate it : Popular Front TN State President

Friday, July 29th, 2011
Freedom is our right Let us celebrate Independence day with pomp gaiety and joy said Tamilnadu State President of Popular front in a press release.

we are about to celebrate our 65 independence day celebration. on August 15,2011. To revive the spirit and keep alive the memories of the freedom struggle we conduct various programs and functions to commemorate the sacrifice of Freedom fighters . Especially for the past 3 years we celebrate it by Freedom Parade. This year also on August 15 we have decided to conduct Freedom Parade at Nellai District.

It is the duty of every Indian citizen to remember the valiant struggle of freedom fighters who fought for our independence and sacrificed their lives only for the freedom of their progenies ie for our freedom from all sorts of slavery imposed by the foreign forces.

Despite their agonies and grief we have to celebrate our hardly earned freedom . To express this in true spirit and highly concerned on the growth and prosperity of the nation we must celebrate this day with pomp and gaiety.

We have to preserve our freedom from the real threats of this country and to change the pathetic conditions of our people.

While indian citizens were suffering in unemployment and poverty , Indian Resources were allowed to be exploited by foreign forces. Severe actions should be taken against those corrupt elements .

Sangh parivar which is orchestrating bomb blasts and engineering riots within the country and blame others for mere political gain should be monitored vigilantly.
On this memorable occasion we did not get enough privilege to celebrate independence day in the past . Tamilnadu Government should allow people to celebrate by announcing and implement various pro people welfare schemes to make the citizen of this country to be happy . We hope the Government will stand in support of the people to enjoy Independence day Celebrations.

Around 1000 cadres of Popular front of India, the vanguard of Justice and the Sentinel of Freedom, with Musical Band Troops playing drums, will march and demonstrate the Freedom parade at Nellai District.

We request everyone especially the people of Nellai district and media person who played vital role in our freedom struggle, to participate in our independence day celebrations.

Popular front of india

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