Popular Front of India strongly condemns the statement of Karnataka state home minister linking KFD to the murder of a businessman in Hunsur

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

The state home minister is continuing to issue statements on KFD linking it to the murder of a businessman in Hunsur. The state BJP government has in the past also displayed a tendency to commit such an atrocity on Popular Front of India during its Jail Bharo agitation of Mysore in 2009. This was certified by the Honorable High Court of Karnataka subsequently.

This is nothing but a repeat performance by the current home minister who is following the footsteps of his predecessor in office Mr. VS Acharya.

Popular Front of India is a progressive and pro people, pro-development organization striving for the empowerment of downtrodden communities.

The State BJP Government has with honors earned itself a first place in many fields like corruption, land grabbing, favorism to capitalist over farmers, illegal mining, nepotism, shielding land mafia and withdrawing cases on sentenced criminals from the sangh parivar family, etc.

The state Lokayuktha has himself alleged that the Chief Minister has tried to influence him to omit his name from mining scams. The Honorable High Court of Karnataka had also expressed concern over the corrupt administration in the state.

We observe that the state home minister is trying to divert the people’s attention from the corruption and failures of state BJP government and at the same time suppress a minorities movement, thereby killing two birds with one stone.

Popular Front of India is no more just a movement. It is a voice of the downtrodden people from all sections of society and it is striving hard for the empowerment and rights of backward and minority communities. It has boldly created awareness against the implementations of the sangh parivar’s agenda in the state by BJP and conducted several statewide protests. Now, the BJP is trying to hush up Popular Front of India which is gaining massive support from the people.

Popular Front of India has organized widespread protest in the state along with other progressive organizations and conducted Jana Andolan’s against the conspiracies of BJP Government.

We will continue to oppose such loose statements, such planned efforts and will never succumb to an agenda based on such vendetta.

Riyaz Pasha

General Secretary,

Popular Front of India,


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