Popular Front condemns government’s decision to teach bhagavadgita in schools

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Bangalore: Popular Front of India, Karnataka state unit has strongly condemned the decision of Karnataka state government to teach bhagavadgitha in government schools.

Riyaz Pasha, state general secretary of Popular Front, has said in a press statement that the government should revoke the circular that was issued ordering teaching of bagavadgitha in schools compulsory.

He also said that statement of education minister who had said that those who do not agree the government’s decision to teach bagavadgitha in schools should leave the country is strongly condemnable and we demand the government to remove him from cabinet ministry. And action should be taken on such ministers who give such anti national statement.

He said people have witnessed anti people stands of the bjp government during its rule in past three years including anti farmer stand, plundering valuable natural resource of the state through illegal mining, thousands of crores of land scams, anti minority, formation of anti cow slaughter bill, revoking the cases filed on hundreds of RSS and Bajrang Dal activists, attacks on churches, Pubs and cattle vendors, direct and indirect backing for the members of Sangh Parivar who involved in heinous crimes like murders and loots. Now the government has gained first slot in the country for corruption. Recently the Karnataka High Court had also expressed its concern of widespread corruption in the state

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