Karnataka: Popular Front elects new functionaries

Monday, January 10th, 2011
The State General Assembly of Popular Front of India, Karnataka State met at Mysore for a three day convention on 7,8,9 January 2011 to discuss current affairs and to elect its state functionaries. The results of the internal elections to the state executive body and the State functionaries are Ilyas Muhammad (President), Riyas Pasha (General secretary), Muhammad Shameer (Treasurer), Muhammad Shareef , Nasir Pasha (Secretaries)

Besides the elections of the state functionaries, the following resolutions were passed at this convention. They are as stated below –

1. Rampant corruption and its acceptance in political circles as non alarming

Perhaps the white attire of our Indian politicians screams out loud that they are in reality the white-ants of our nation. Their corruption levels have made a mockery out of our political system.

The fact that the BJP Central leadership has allowed a tainted Chief Minister to continue in office after he officially returned stolen property, proves that BJP indeed is a party with a difference!

BJP central leadership hypocrisy is highlighting the fact that on one hand they stall business of the Parliament and on the other hand they give a green signal to their party CM to continue in office.

Popular Front of India demands that all such persons should be ousted from office and put behind bars for playing with the sentiments of people who voted them to power.

2. Richer politicians and poorer government

The countries non-renewable resources like the 2G spectrum were siphoned off and sold to corporate at throw away prices. The income from such sale could have otherwise become a huge resource for the development of the country. Poor people are struggling for their livelihood while gigantic figures of corruption are making headlines, which the poor cannot even comprehend its magnitude. One lakh seventy thousand crores is one that can be quoted here.

Popular Front of India demands that an enquiry be constituted to identify the culprits behind the scam and recover from them, their ill gotten gains to be appended to the national exchequer.

3. Some media houses losing their commitment to the nation

The recent exposure of Neera Radia conversations with some of the icons of Indian media is disturbing. Media is a pillar of the democracy and a watchdog of our nation, but we are afraid to observe that some media houses seem to have deviated from their commitment to the country, which should not happen.

Popular Front of India demands that they be reminded of their responsibility and media icons who have over a period of time won the trust and faith of people, not let them down.

4. Swamy Aseemanand confession an exposure of RSS objectives to destabilize the nation

The recent confession of Swamy Aseemanand has at a larger scale exposed the RSS ploy to cause destruction to common people and rip the secular fabric of our nation. This exposure should become a starting point for the authorities to wake up and curb their activities. Left ignored or free to execute, they will completely obliterate the Indian brotherhood.

Popular Front of India demands that all individuals, irrespective of their stature or position in any organization be arrested and tried for their involvement. If proven guilty they should be dealt with firmly by the rule of law.

5. India’s Apex Court – The Supreme Court turns turtle Kerala State Government’s malicious intention to frame Popular Front of India

Recently in the case of Dr. Raneef the State Government of Kerala with spiteful intentions approached the Supreme Court to cancel the bail granted to him.

The Supreme Court turned down their case as spiteful and prejudiced and warned them.

This vendetta filled perusal by the state ruling party (CPI-M) was at the cost of the state exchequer.

Popular Front of India hails this upholding of the truth and justice by the Honourable Supreme Court and demands that the expense to the State exchequer be re-imbursed by the ruling CPI-M party, who championed the cause for its party gain and not out of any concern for the people of the state.

6. Price hike of essential commodities:

The price of essential commodities rise up to the peak level which made the life of a common man very hard. Major reason for this situation is the inaction of the Central and State Government to control the price. Popular Front of India demands the Central and State Government to take immediate steps to bring down the prices,

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