Home Minister tries to divert the attention of masses: Popular Front

Friday, June 24th, 2011
Mysore: Popular Front of India, Karnataka State strongly condemns the murder of two students in Hunsur. The murder of students is indeed a very heinous crime and we strongly condemn such acts. Our organisation was actively involved protest and bandh organised in Hunsur demanding arrest of the culprits. Popular Front has always been against all anti-social and criminal activities. We strongly believe that justice should be given to the families of the students by punishing the culprits involved in the case.

We would also like to strongly condemn the attempt of the Home Minster and Police department to link Karnataka Forum for Dignity with the killings of two students from Hunsur. Karnataka Forum for Dignity merged with Popular Front of India during the Empower India Conference held in Palace Ground, Bangalore on 17th February 2007. Since then there are no activities conducted in the banner of KFD. The allegation by the Home Minister that the accused had carried out this act to gather funds for our organisation is completely baseless and ridiculous. Our organisation receives its fund from the monthly subscription of our members and donation by public. Popular Front is a popular organisation in the state and we believe such a statement against our organisation made by the Home Minister is only to divert the attention of masses and media from the present crisis and corruption of the state government.

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