Popular Front of India condemns killing of students

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
Bangalore: This statement is in the context of media reports that the accused arrested in connection with the killings of students in Hunsur did such act on the motive of collecting funds for KFD.

At the very outset Popular Front of India strongly condemns such heinous criminal activities. Popular Front of India urges the Police Department to take stringent action on criminals indulged in such criminal activities regardless whether they belong to any communities or groups. Popular Front of India has no connection with any such incidents. The Media reported that the accused had the motive of collecting the funds for KFD. Popular Front of India categorically denies such baseless allegations. KFD had merged with Popular Front of India in the year 2006 itself and there is no organisation running in the name of KFD now. However, we wish to clear that the source of finance for Popular Front of India are monthly contributions of its members and donations from the public.

Popular Front of India organizes the youths and reforms them by creating awareness against drugs, gambling, criminal activities, social evils, etc. The organisation brings the youth to the social mainstream by guiding them morality, educational awareness, and spirit of social service.

Popular Front of India is always striving for the empowerment and human rights of the deprived classes like Muslims, Daliths and other backward classes of the society.

Elyas Muhammad

State President,

Popular Front of India,


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