Bail for Dr. Raneef; It’s Time for Kerala Govt. to Introspect: Popular Front

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
Kozhikkode: Supreme Court’s judgment upholding the Kerala High court order to grant bail for Dr. Raneef in the teacher assault case has dealt a severe blow to the left government in Kerala, said P Abdul Hameed, general sevretary, Popular Front of India in a statement. By rejecting the appeal moved by Kerala government against the bail order, Supreme Court has brought out hollowness of police vilification campaign against popular Front and its activists.
With the apex court order it has become clear, the state government and its police were leveling false charges against the organisation for last couple of months.
And it’s noted that the government has incurred loss to the public exchequer by paying special public prosecutor lakhs of rupees to move the appeal in the Supreme Court. It was the vested interest of CPM to destroy Popular Front that is working for the empowerment of backward, minority classes in the society that prompted them to appeal against the bail order using public money. In the wake of Supreme Court’s order, CPM should be ready to pay the money back to the exchequer.
The observations made by the Supreme Court judges rejecting the government appeal were noteworthy ones. A bench of justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra said, ‘the respondent, being a doctor, was under the Hippocratic oath (oath stating obligations and proper conduct of doctors) to attempt to heal a patient. Just as it is the duty of a lawyer to defend an accused, so it is the duty of a doctor to heal. Even a dentist can apply stitches in an emergency.’ And the books like Jihad that are said to be confiscated from the doctor were available in open market and it is not a crime to have a copy in ones possession.
And those who are keen to give terrorist label to the organisations like Popular Front of India should be ready to read the judgment of Supreme Court in this case. And Popular Front appealed to the government and CPM to stop their vengeful attitude and vilification campaign towards Muslim community and its organizations.

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