RSS Turning Kerala Safe Haven for Antinational Activities: Popular Front

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
Kozhikkode: Popular Front of India warned the governments and concerned authorities, of the RSS plot to make Kerala a safe haven for antinational activities.
‘The revelation by the Rajasthan Anti Terrorism Squad that Ajmir blast accused Suresh Nair, native of Koyilandi, Kerala, had gone in hide in Kerala is a clear evidence for the fact that RSS is turning the state a center of antinational, terrorist activities’- said state secretariat meeting of Popular Front.
‘The silence from the part of organisations, who are used to wage a shadow war against Muslim terrorism, at a time when the reports on Kerala connection of these terrorists came to light day by day, should be condemned. It should be noted that these frightening reports which reveal the very roots of terrorism in the country are coming out when anti-Muslim forces, with the help of media houses, are ‘celebrating’ the false allegations of Sanghparivar of Kerala becoming centre of Islamic terrorism. The Plenary conference of AICC had categorically said that the main threat facing our country was Hindutwa terrorism. This accusation was made only after the investigating agencies have repeatedly proved the role of RSS in the anti-national activities in the country including blasts at various places.
And Popular Front of India time and again had demanded the governments to reinvestigate all the blasts occurred after 1992 with help of an independent agency. There is no reason to wonder why the police failed to find out this strong presence of RSS brand of antinational activities in the state, because our investigating agencies are busy ‘finding out’ antinational elements even behind the independence celebrations conducted by Muslims. It shows nothing but the depth of Sanghparivar penetration into the intelligence agencies in the country.
And it is shocking to know that RSS leaders are hand in gloves with CIA, Mosad and ISI to sabotage the country. It has become clear now it was to cover up their antinational activities RSS were blaming terrorism on Muslims. These antinational forces who are trying to make Kerala a flashpoint of terrorism should be defeated at any cost, said Popular Front secretariat. State president Karamana Ashraf Moulavi presided over the meeting. General Secretary P Abdul Hameed also spoke.

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