Popular Front condemns life imprisonment sentenced to Binayak Sen

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
SENBangalore: Popular Front of India strongly condemns the labeling of sedition charges and sentencing of life imprisonment to Dr. Binayak Sen. The judgment given by the Sessions court of Raipur was a real setback to the citizens who believed in the sanctity of the Judiciary. In a wider scope such deviations of the judiciary points to the dangers faced by the civil rights activists and organizations in near future. Such decision compels us to doubt whether the judiciary is really independent and free from the influence and pressure of the ruling classes.
Dr. Binayak Sen an award winning pediatrician and civil rights activists who dedicated his life for serving the tribals who were always ignored by successive governments since independence. It is really pathetic that for his commitment towards a social cause Dr. Sen was rewarded with imprisonment, solitary confinement and now sedition charges and life imprisonment. It is indeed shameful that while politicians and bureaucrats involved in multi-crore scams are roaming freely immune from the clutches of law but activists like Dr. Sen are incarcerated.
Popular Front calls upon the civil society to come forward and protest against the injustice done to Dr. Sen. Popular Front of India also pledges its support with the Human rights activist and organizations in the fights to give justice to Dr. Binayak Sen.

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