Mangalore: Popular Front stages protest against illegal detention of its members

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010
Popular Front of India, Dakshin Kannada, district unit staged a protest against illegal detention and torture of its members by DCIB police, in front of D.C office, Mangalore, on Tuesday.

Speaking to gathering Anwar Sadath, district president of Popular Front of India, said DCIB police arrested the organization’s members, who were traveling to Mysore to attend a state convention, and registered a fake case of hatching murder conspiracy. A fully handicapped person Riyaz was also among the arrested

He questioned that how a handicapped man can be involved in a murder attempt.

He alleged that DCIB inspector Venkatesh Prasanna is a main person behind illegal arrest of the innocent members.

He said Venkatesh Prasanna is a slave of Sangh Parivar and we cannot expect justice from him.

“Popular Front of India has been conducting several social works since a long time. But a communal news paper Udayavani , which is responsible for several communal riots in the region in past, has linked Popular Front of India with banned organization,SIMI in it’s baseless report”, he said.

He added that people already understood the organization. So they do not believe such baseless reports of the communal news paper.

He also warned that his organization would continue its struggle against this injustice. The members of the organization are ready to give their lives in the path of the justice.

Speaking to gathering PUCL district president P.B.Desa said that police are the major criminals than any hooligans. But he did not forget to recall that there are also some good police in the department but they should be mute spectators in front of communal government.

He also criticized DCIB police and its head Venkatesh Prasanna.

“Venkatesh Prasanna is notorious for carrying illegal detentions and extortions. He detains innocent people for money and demands money from their families for their release. If they do not provide money, then fake FIRs will be registered against them” he said.

Popular Front of India state executive committee member Abdul Razaq Kemmara said, in his presidential speech, that his organization is trying to empower Muslim community in all areas they are currently backward.

He also said that the organization is inculcating patriotism among Muslims by participating in Independence Day celeberation. It is endeavoring to empower the community in all sections. The members of the organization are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect the constitution in the country.

Earlier Akbar Ali delivered introductory speech.

Popular Front of India Udupi district president Niamath Ali was present at the dais.

Hanif delivered vote of thanks while Nazeer coordinated the program.

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