Anti-corruption movement must be freed from communal fascism: Popular Front

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut in Kerala cautioned the people against the takeover of genuine public issues like corruption by dubious and controversial characters and the hidden agenda of communal fascist groups that sponsors such agitations. It is ironical that Baba Ramdev who is projecting himself as a crusader against corruption has a record of accumulating huge mass of wealth through dubious means. The appearance of this yoga business guru, during the follow up period of a successful agitation led by Gandhian Anna Hazare is part of the political agenda of RSS and BJP. Hence it is in the interest of the anti-corruption movement that all sensible human rights and social activists and groups must keep away from supporting the mockery satyagraha headed by Ram Dev and his communal coterie. The initial leniency shown by the central government before Ram Dev as well as his later forceful eviction from Ramlila ground at midnight could have been avoided. The meeting once again recalled that the issue of corruption at the high offices cannot be singled out and solved, instead the replacement of mainstream politics represented by parties like Congress, BJP and CPM is the solution.

In another resolution the meeting expressed solidarity with the people of Arab-Muslim world who are fighting for political and economic freedom from inhuman and authoritarian regimes. The current agitations in different countries herald the ultimate victory of democracy and Islamic social values in Muslim dominated countries. The meeting also pointed out the possibility of ongoing freedom movements being hijacked by agents of neo-colonialism as happened earlier in history.

Popular Front expressed displeasure over the lukewarm attitude of the central government in the issue of providing quota reservation to Muslims and other religious minorities as recommended by Justice Misra Commission. The meeting decided to start the next phase of agitation for Muslim reservation after discussing with all community and social organisations. The NEC meeting has given final approval to the Nationwide Community Development Plan of the organisation. It contains guidelines and proposals for developmental and welfare activities in the areas of educational promotion, career development, health care, economic growth, calamity relief, facilitating basic amenities, cultural advancement and networking of service volunteers. The meeting also reviewed the ongoing two month long School chalo campaign in different states.

The meeting was presided over by Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman. General Secretary K. M. Shareef presented reports and moved resolutions. Those who attended the meetings include Vice President Muhammad Ali Jinna and members Moulana Usman Baig, Prof. P. Koya, Muhammed Shahabudin, Muhammed Khalid Rashadi, Yasir Hasan, Ya Moideen, |Adv. K. P. Muhammed Shareef, Hamid Muhammad, Anis Ahmed, Elyas Thumbe, Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, O M A Salam, Muhammed Roshan and A. S. Ismail.

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