Nab all accused in Fasal murder case: Popular Front

Kozhikkode: Popular Front Kerala state general secretary urged the CBI officials to arrest the entire real culprit behind the murder of Fasal at Thalassery. It is the part of way ward actions from the part of CPM to come out with pressure tactics when the investigation turned towards its leaders.
The former left government had tried to sabotage the case several times by transferring investigating officers and misusing government apparatus. Son after Fasal, an NDF activist was murdered even the then home minister Kodiyri Balakrishnan had tried to mislead the people and the police telling that it was RSS behind the killing. And it was the court that directed the CBI to investigate the case after realizing that the probe by local police was being scuttled by the government and CPM. And now when the CBI investigation is moving to the right direction CPM leadership has come out with pressure tactics to influence the officials. It is nothing but deplorable, he added.
He also said that CPM had tried to influence the investigation when it had moved against its leaders. And the killings party men who were accused in the case in mysterious circumstances were also the result of the conspiracy party leadership hatched in order to weaken the case. It is funny to accuse the investigating agency of custody torture for mere questioning some of the accused. CPM leaders are now worried about the investigation taking right course and that is why they are trying to scuttle it leveling various baseless accusations, he added.
Abdul Hameed also urged the people and the CBI to be aware of the CPM plots to mislead them.
Muhammed Fasal, an NDF (earlier form of Popular Front of India) activist was hacked to death on 22nd October, 2006 a day before Idul Fithr.

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