Popular Front of India demand to remove waste-to-energy plant in Okhla

Thursday, May 12th, 2011
New Delhi: Okhla is a high density of population areas Of Delhi.The upcoming waste-to-energy plant in this region which is expected to be operational in July is going to be a severe threat to public life. Every day 2050 tons waste which contains plastic, paper and even medical waste generating toxic gasses will be burnt in the plant. It will be operated by Jindal Group of companies.

In this situation Delhi Division Committee of Popular Front of India expresses its strong disapproval against the proposed plant in this high density area and also reminds the Govt. of NCT of Delhi that it has tremendous health care responsibilities to the common people other than to the corporate lobbies. We urge the Government to take remedial measures to stop the proposed plant, and protect the safety of the people in this region.

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