United States Proves a Rogue State Again: Popular Front

Statement New Delhi
Wednesday, May 4th, 2011
The mysteries behind the murder of Usama bin Ladin are not yet cleared. It may remain so, as long as United States of America continues to be the single source of information. But if we go by the reports, US has again proved that it is number one rogue state in the world which flagrantly violates all international laws and common norms of decency to protect its suffocating hegemony over weaker nations. In spite of the relentless propaganda and demonization, it is now well known that Taliban as early as 2001 offered to produce Usama bin Ladin, the alleged mastermind behind the attack on Pentagon and World Trade Centre, before an international tribunal or hand him over to Saudi Arabia or Qatar for trial. US refused the offer and went on invading Afghanistan and later Iraq, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people and orphaning innumerable children under the mislabelled War on Terror. US rips through sovereignty of other nations and violates all international conventions on civil and human rights and runs concentration camps, known and unknown, including Guantanamo where about 200 people are put in iron cages without trial. It is also known that CIA runs many secret detention camps in their client states where hundreds are tortured.

It was also a blatant violation of all norms of decency and religious ethics to throw a dead body to the sea. It clearly shows even Barak Obama with his claims of receiving sustenance from many religions is nothing but a tool in the hands of those who want to provoke the Muslim world.

However, with the murder of Usama bin Ladin the US has now lost even the fig leaf of ‘Usama Hunt’ to remain in Afghanistan and Iraq. It would also be foolish on the part of neo-colonial powers to think that native resistance to invasions and plunders will end with the death of one Saddam Hussain or Usama bin Ladin. If history is any proof, people’s resistance in the occupied lands will continue until the last predatory foreigner goes home for good. While deploring all sorts of terrorism, it is our hope on behalf of humanity that the hegemony of suppressive super powers will get ultimately defeated and freedom and sovereignty of all nations on earth will be equally protected leading the world to an era of peace.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman


Popular Front of India

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