Ban Endosulfan: Popular Front protest marches across Kerala

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Kozhikkode: Popular front of India organised protest marches across Kerala demanding the ban of Endosulfan pesticide in the country. Thousands of activists participated in the marches held under area committees of the organisation in all 14 districts of Kerala.
pfi klm endo

Protesters called upon the central government to give up its pro monopoly stand in Stockholm Convention and to take stand in favor of Endosulfan ban. It’s highly deplorable that a deadly pesticide which is proved to be hazardous to the people and environment is continued to be used in our country despite all sections and parties cried for its ban, the speakers of the protest marches said. It’s nothing but the mockery of democracy from the part of a government to take this kind of anti people stand on the issue, they added. State, district and area level leaders led the marches.

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