Vote For SDPI Candidates: Popular Front Kerala

Monday, April 11th, 2011
Kozhikkode: Popular Front of India Kerala state secretariat urged the people to vote for the candidates of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) in order to put and end to the mafia rule by CPM led LDF and Congress led UDF in the coming assembly election.
People should make better use of this opportunity to protest against the treachery of both fronts that were pursuing mafia politics at the expense of the public.
Both the front are birds of same feather when it comes to rampant corruption, nepotism, immorality, anti people development, state terror against dalits and minority groups and denial of social justice. The voters, who are fed up with these parties, even while expressing their dissent, were to vote against the ruling party or alliance in each election. These negative votes were being interpreted as endorsements for their anti-people rules.
This helplessness of the voters of choosing between these two evils should come to an end. It is high time for all voters to strengthen the semblances of alternative politics coming to the fore in the country. And it is on these grounds Popular Front of India has decided to support SDPI candidates who are up for a mafia free politics and welfare rule in the state.
Popular Front has also urged the people to strengthen the hands of SDPI that is making its presence felt at national level and to vote for its candidates and for those who support the cause of marginalised sections in the society.
State president Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, P Abdul Hameed, K H Naser and M Abdussamad spoke at the meeting.

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