Popular Front Condemns The Biased Report About The Organization

Monday, December 13th, 2010
Press Release

Date: 13-12-2010

Popular Front of India condemns the report of certain media which drags the name of the organization in to the incident of arrest of a criminal. Popular Front of India is an organization which strives hard along with all sections of the society against communalism, fascism, terrorism and all kinds of discriminations.

Popular Front of India has always creates awareness among the people against the anti social elements which stir up the welfare of the nation and it work hard for the cause of peace and harmony. This raises the eyebrow of certain communal forces which don’t tolerate organizing of minorities and backward people.

Popular Front of India condemns the effort of a certain media which trying to connect the name of the organization to SIMI on the basis of arrest of a person from Mangalore who has criminal background. The media which has to play an active role of responsibility in the society should not mislead the people by such concocted and biased report.

Afsar Pasha

General Secretary

Popular Front of India


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