Popular Front appeals people: Vote positively for alternate politics; Vote against mainstream parties and their alliances

The National Executive Council (NEC) of Popular Front of India called upon the people to vote for political change towards a just and corruption-free governance and political empowerment of weaker sections in the elections to the Legislative Assemblies in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, West Bengal and Assam. The meeting has decided to extend support to the candidates fielded by Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and its allies in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and West Bengal.

In all the above states where elections are being held, the national parties like Indian National Congress, BJP, CPI(M) and regional parties like Indian Union Muslim League, Kerala Congress, DMK, AIADMK, TMC, AGP are birds with same dirty feathers of corruption, nepotism, crime and immorality. They have been running the government for years either in the centre or different states. The leaders, their families and their business partners and sponsors are the only beneficiaries of the governance in these states throughout the last six decades. The voters, who are fed up with these parties, even while expressing their dissent, were to vote against the ruling party or alliance in each election. As a result, with the exception of West Bengal, either of the corrupt mainstream fronts has ruled the state alternatively. In West Bengal, it was corrupt rule monopolized by CPI(M). The mainstream parties that are a burden to the people are able to continue their exploitative politics because of this trend of negative voting out of helplessness of the people in each election.

Popular Front has been advocating for building an alternate and positive political movement which will strive to make people free from hunger and fear throughout the nation. There have been some advances in this direction during the recent years. The emergence of SDPI at the national level and a few other regional parties has instilled hope among the depressed and exploited classes. Now it is a welcome sign that they are contesting in considerable number of seats against the mainstream parties and their fronts in all the states where elections are now being held. This has put an end to the dilemma of the people regarding a choice against the ruling or opposition fronts led by main stream parties.

The NEC of Popular Front has expressed the hope that the ongoing elections in five states will prove to be a relief to the people and a lesson to corrupt alliances of mainstream parties there. Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman presided over the meeting which was attended by general secretary K. M. Shareef, vice chairman Muhammad Ali Jinna, secretary Yasir Hasan and members Prof. P. Koya, A. S.Ismail, Ya Moideen, Muhammad Khalid Rashadi, Hamid Muhammed, O M Abdul Salam, Muhammad Roshan, Moulana Kalimullah Siddiqui.


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