Attempt to demolish seven year old Masjid thwarted at Chennai

Chennai : Seven years before a business man Omar from Bangalore who owned a shopping complex opposite Chennai High Court gifted the first floor t of his complex to the muslim community for prayer purpose. And for past seven years the muslims in that locality has used the portion for the same. In due course the basement, second and third floor was sold to COS trust. The ill minded trustee of the trust wanted to set up a finance firm for his mistress Valli at the place of the mosque where it stood. It was opposed by the muslims.

While negotiations are going on and not yet finalized, today a team of rowdies disguised as lawyers trespassed the mosque by breaking the gate and then ransacked the mosque and they were trying to demolish the identity of the mosque.

The near by shop owners alerted the police but it was of no use as the police arrived at the spot to guard the demolition of the mosque as usual.

Later the cadres of Popular Front reached the spot. They were stunned because of a huge number of muslim crowd was playing the role of mere mute spectator while the antisocial elements were demolishing the signs of mosque in a broad day light with Police security in front of Chennai High court.

Then the Popular front of India cadres stopped the demolition and handed over the rowdies to the police. Later a road roko was organised to express the condemnation. muslims prayed their noon prayer (ZUHAR) at the middle of the road. Popular Front of India District Secretary Shahid and cadres along with other muslim Jamath lodged a complaint on the anti socials.

The muslims continued their road roko till the FIR filed against all culprits responsible for this heinous act.

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