Stop the western forces attack on Libya; Initiate peace talk

Bangalore 22 March 2011
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011
Popular Front of India chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman strongly condemned the air strikes by coalition forces led by USA and other western countries on Libya. Using external force as a way of solving the internal issue of any country is an attack on the sovereignty of that country. The mass uprisings were aimed to free Libya from the iron fist rule of Colonel Gaddafi by bringing in political reforms. The manner in which Gaddafi tried to suppress the uprising should be condemned and opposed but this can never be taken as an excuse to permit US and its allies to carry out strikes on Libya.
US have a very ugly past of forceful intervention in the internal affairs of many countries. These interventions are always projected as a mean of protecting the local people, but the real objective of such attacks are only to impose US supremacy on those countries and control its resources as seen in Afghanistan and Iraq. The air strikes on Libya have also been as setback to the popular uprising against Gaddafi as it transformed Libya into a warzone.

E. M. Abdul Rahiman demanded the U N to immediately stop the US led air strikes on Libya. The UN should play a more positive role to resolve the internal issue of Libya by initiating peace talk between various groups fighting in Libya. India has strong diplomatic ties with Libya and it is welcomed that we have not supported the deployment of foreign forces in the U N Security Council. In such turbulent situations India should not be a mere spectator but try to intervene in the Libyan crisis through diplomatic channels. He urged the Government of India to initiate positive steps to intervene in the issue and play a mediating role between the fighting groups in Libya to bring the much needed peace.

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