High court verdict on Mysore case: a victory for the legal struggle of Popular Front

Monday, February 21st, 2011
Bangalore: Popular Front of India state president Elyas Thumbe has said, in a press release that high court verdict imposing penalty on state government on human rights violation during “Jail Bharo” movement at Mysore, was a victory for its legal struggle.
Press release stated that During Mysore riot police had stormed in to the houses of innocent people at late nights and violated human rights by arresting innocent people illegally. Popular Front of India opposed the police action by conducting “Jail Bharo” movement. On this occasion police indulged in violence to disburse the protesters. Later they arrested more than 300 organization members including leaders and women under the IPC section of 107. Instead of releasing arrested people on bail, police kept them in prisons in Gulbarga, Mysore, Ballary, Raichur and Belagam and fixed them in various false cases. Moreover police delayed unnecessarily in presenting arrested people before court.

Elyas Muhammad said, “The exaggeration that police showed was a violation of both law and human rights, and we questioned it in High Court. The court has levied costs of 50,000 rupees as it observed that the action of police was against law and violated human rights. The court also ordered an enquiry of high level police officers.”

He said, “Popular Front welcomes the court verdict and it believes that the verdict is a victory of the organization’s legal struggle and fight against human right violations”.

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