Popular Front: New State Functionaries elected in Rajasthan

Monday, November 29th, 2010
The Rajasthan State General Assembly of Popular Front of India held at Kota on 27th and 28th , November 2010 elected members of the State Executive Council and State Functionaries for the next two-year term. The following are the new State Functionaries:

State President: Muhammad Shafi

State Vice President: Muhammad Asif

State General Secretary: Khalid Manzoor

State Treasurer: Muhammad Javed

The Assembly attended by newly elected leaders from different parts of the state, was inaugurated by the chairman of Popular Front E. M. Abdul Rahiman. He told that a movement which is capable of empowering the marginalized and downtrodden masses is the call of the hour and Popular Front is the timely answer to this call. The spread and growth of this mass movement in the North-West as well as North-East during the past couple of years is ample proof for the space of this mission and message of empowerment. He called upon the delegates to be ready for sacrificing personal pleasures for the benefit of the society and the nation.

A report of the activities in the state during past year was submitted and it was followed by a discussion about various organizational developments. There was also a group discussion about the socio-political situation in Rajasthan. The group leaders presented their findings at the end of the session. Ya Moideen, National Executive Council member of Popular Front was the moderator.

The Assembly unanimously adopted the following resolutions after discussion.

Re-asserting the fact that Babri Masjid, in spite of demolition, shall continue to be a Masjid and reminding that it is a national responsibility to rebuild it thereby fulfilling the promise given immediately after its demolition.

Demanding the Congress-led Union Government to implement 10% reservation for Muslims as recommended by Justice Ranganatha Misra Commission thereby fulfilling the promise in Congress Manifesto released prior to last Lok Sabha elections.

Demanding to re-investigate the Sangh Parivar role in all blasts cases including Jaipur blasts, to quash all false cases against innocent Muslim youth registered in connection with various bomb blasts, to give adequate compensation to them and to prosecute the police officers who have falsely implicated innocent youth in cases.

Asking the Union Government and Census Commissioner to collect caste related information also as part of the forthcoming general census operations due in next Feb-March and not to postpone it to a later occasion as being already announced by the Government.

Urging the state government to constitute different minority related state bodies like State Madrasa Board, State Wakf Board, State Haj Committee and State Minority Development Corporation, State Urdu Academy with genuine and honest representative of the community.

The Assembly was concluded with valedictory address by the newly elected president Muhammad Shafi.

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