Kerala Election Result: Verdict Against Anti-people Policies of CPM

Friday, October 29th, 2010
Kozhikkode: Election verdict in Kerala is a clear mandate from the people against anti-people policies of left front government under the leadership of CPM, said Nasaruddeen Elamaram, state president, Popular Front of India. It’s evident that minority communities and backward classed have deserted CPM led front en mass. Discriminatory attitude towards minorities and Muslim witch-hunt of the government also led to the defeat, he opined.
He also observed that CPM’s decision to adopt pro-hindutwa line helped BJP to make gains even in the midst of pro-UDF wave in the election. Kerala chief minister’s controversial statement in the sense that the state was going to become a Muslim country within 20 years, helped BJP to unify communal votes.
He also said that the electoral gain made by newly formed SDPI, a political party with the support base of backward, dalit, minority communities even handedly was a remarkable one.
In several constituencies, where two fronts helped each other against SDPI, its candidates could reach first or second. It shows that the message put forward by SDPI about corruption-free, people friendly panchayaths has been received by the people, he added.
He also said that the stunning victory made by Prof. Anas from jail to the block panchayath was a befitting reply to the state terrorism. If the left front government is not ready to correct their course taking lessons from the electoral defeat, the state will become its graveyard, he warned.

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