Babri Masjid: Popular front asks Muslim leaders to stop futile negotiations

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Bangalore: Popular Front of India chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman urged all Muslim leaders to support the decision of the U P Central Sunni Wakf Board and All India Muslim Personal Law Board to appeal before the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Babri Masjid title suit and not to indulge in any negotiations with Sangh Parivar or their associates at this point of time.
All India Muslim Personal Law Board, the most representative umbrella body of Indian Muslims, in its working committee meeting held at Lucknow on 16 October 2010 has set aside all speculations and reached a consensus regarding the future course of action.
The Personal Law Board officially announced the following decision after the working committee meeting: “The meeting felt that this judgment suffers from number of infirmities. The Hon’ble Court has given precedence to rule of faith over rule of law. The Board considers it to be the right, obligation and compulsion of the Indian Muslims to challenge the judgment in the Apex Court and remove distortions introduced by the judgment in the established norms of the jurisprudence. In these circumstances the Board decides that this verdict be challenged in the Supreme Court.” The meeting has also unanimously decided to raise a ‘Babri Masjid Legal Aid Fund’ and to constitute a ‘Legal Defense Committee’. The Board Assistant General Secretary Adv. Abdur Rahim Quraishi who addressed the press conference after the meeting reiterated the Muslim stand on Babri Masjid as follows: “There are many mosques in the country standing along with a temple side by side. We have no objection on it. But in Ayodhya case we cannot accept it as it was not proved the mosque was built after demolishing a temple.” The meeting has, in fact, rejected the veiled and also isolated comments from very few speakers such as to initiate negotiations and to donate the land for the temple. Also it is learned that the meeting has not authorized anybody to indulge in negotiations with Hindu or Hindutva side.
Under these circumstances, it is quite surprising and fully unwarranted that some leaders who are also members of Muslim Personal Law Board, started negotiations, that too with hard core RSS leaders. The so called discussion these leaders reported to have held with RSS leader Indresh Kumar (who is charge sheeted in Ajmer blast case), Swami Chidanand and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (who are RSS associates) will prove to be a worthless exercise in solving the core issue. This will only help confuse and mislead the public about Muslim claim on Babri Masjid land. It is to be remembered that a day after the above negotiation meeting and referring to it, RSS spokesperson Ram Mdhav has made clear what they require from Muslim side as follows: “A negotiated settlement to the Ayodhya dispute is possible only when they accept the spirit of the verdict – that Hindus believe the site to the birth place of Lord Ram – and if they do not go to the apex court to challenge the Allahabad court’s judgment”.
Popular Front chairman has requested the President and General Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board to take appropriate steps for creating awareness about the Board decisions on Babri Masjid in all states. It is a nice idea to settle a dispute through negotiations than depending on prolonged litigation. But in the case of Babri Masjid land, the practical wisdom is to wait till the final verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court. Any negotiations in the aftermath of an unjust verdict, that too with those who have demolished the Masjid, will only weaken the Muslim position. He has also urged Personal Law Board President and General Secretary to intervene and stop Board members from indulging in futile negotiations with Hindu or Hidutva groups without the authorization of both Sunni Central Wakf Board and Muslim Personal Law Board.

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