Investigate RSS involvement in all blast cases since 1992: Popular Front

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Bangalore: Popular Front of India reiterated its demand for re-investigating all blast cases in the country since 1992 in the light of ATS revelation regarding the involvement of top RSS leaders in Ajmer blast case.
The charge sheet filed by the ATS in the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate on October 23, has named Indresh Kumar, a member of the National Executive council of RSS. With this development the clouds are getting pretty clear about the involvement of RSS in the blasts happening in the country, said K.M.Shareef, General Secretary, Popular Front of India.
RSS members and close associates have been named in many blast cases that happened in last few years. Earlier it was the exposure of Pragya Thakur and Colonel Purohit in the Malegaon blast, later the involvement of Yogesh Naik of Sanathan Sangsthan in the Goa blast. Now it is clear that after RSS Pracharaks Devendra Gupta and Sunil Joshi, top RSS leader Indresh Kumar himself was involved in the Ajmer blasts. The links between the blasts at Ajmer and Hyderabad Mecca Masjid has also become clear in the investigation carried earlier by CBI. All this events clearly points to the severe threat posed by RSS to the internal security of the country. Also the open support of BJP earlier for Pragya Thakur and now for Indresh Kumar proves its links to radical hindutva groups, he added.
Though Indresh Kumar is accused of giving guidance to those who carried out the Ajmer blasts, he is not yet questioned or arrested. Moreover the ATS has failed to mention the name of RSS itself in the charge sheet. We see that the security and investigation agencies have always choose to be silent in naming RSS in the blast cases. This attitude by the agencies is very dangerous as it gives a clean chit to RSS to escape from all the cases. Meanwhile, it is to be noted that when the accused happened to be Muslims, the agencies are always keen in mentioning even very remote links to any organizations.
Now the masterminds behind the Ajmer and other major blasts are exposed, we demand to the central and concerned state governments to immediately release all the innocent Muslim youths jailed in those blast cases and provide adequate compensation to them, he said

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