Legal and Democratic effort to get back Babri Masjid site will Continue – E.M. Abdul Rahiman

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
The details of the verdict issued by the Lucknow Bench of Allahbad High Court on Babri Masjid title suit are not yet available. Yet it is clear that the three honorable judges held different views on many vital issues related to the case. However, the core of the orders based on their findings is that the disputed land has to be distributed, two portions
to the Hindu parties and one portion to the Muslim party.
Also the area below the central dome where the present idol is kept has to be given to the Hindus. This is not supported by evidences and hence disappointing. It seems that the verdict, more than relaying on the facts and evidence as contained in the documents, is built on religious faith. Also none of the parties has asked for partition and sharing of the disputed land among them. It is also observed that judgment has given undue weight to the findings of Archeological Survey of India. If this has to be accepted as precedence for future cases, the fate of many religious and archeological monuments in the country will be at stake.
All parties to the disputes as well as all political parties have earlier pointed out that the High Court verdict is not the final solution and the Supreme Court could be further approached. The U. P. Sunni Central Waqf Board counsel has made it clear that they will appeal before supreme court. The Muslims of India will continue their efforts to get back the Babri Masjid site through legal and democratic means. Meanwhile we call upon all sections of the society to maintain peace and harmony and build better relations among different communities.

Media in charge
Popular Front of India
New Delhi

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