Popular Front filed criminal complaint against TIMESNOW TV channel

Popular Front of India filed a criminal complaint in the New Delhi Parliament Street police station against the TIMESNOW Television channel, its editors, their reporter, their accomplices and the responsible officials of MHA for accessing or leaking the official secrets in the Ministry of Home Affairs and airing the same among the public in a manner defaming the organisation.

In the complaint, Mohammad Perwez Ahmed, the Delhi State President said that Popular Front of India is a neo-social movement striving for the empowerment of Muslims, minorities, backward sections, Dalits, downtrodden and marginalized sections of the society for several years across the nation. And the organisation has been working democratically within the purview of the law and the constitution of India, with its headquarters open at Kalindi kunj, New Delhi.

TIMESNOW telecasted defamatory news against Popular Front of India two months ago. By accessing the official secrets of the government, it was telecasted through the debate programmes. On 31.8.2017, by 10.00 pm, a debate programme entitled “THE NEWS HOUR” was telecasted, in which Mr. Anand Narasimhan, the Senior Editor of the channel made statements such as “……….. that we as perused to the papers on the report………..” and simultaneously, it was shown in the screen as “TOP SECRET REPORT ACCESSED”, “SENSATIONAL SECRET REPORT ACCESSED”. By continuing the debate, the Chief Editor as well as the anchor of the programme Mr. Rahul Shivshankar said “………I have in my hand another set of never before seen secret documents……….” While the programme was going on, it was shown in the screen as “MHA SEEKS DETAILS ABOUT PFI FROM THE ANTI-TERROR AGENCY NIA”, “NIA DOSSIER WITH DETAILS OF CASES ABOUT PFI SENT TO MHA”, “TOP SECRET REPORT ACCESSED”, “DETAILS OF NIA ASSESSMENT OF PFI ACCESSED BY TIMES NOW”.

On the second instance, on 27.9.2017 by 8.00 pm, another debate entitled “INDIA UPFRONT” was telecasted, in which Mr. Rahul Shivshankar showed the report and said “……….And we have it from inform sources. Nikunj Garg breaking this story. We have it from inform sources, that within days the PFI is going to be banned and now, Nikunj now in my hand in this dossier. Let’s break it down for our viewers”. Then, Mr. Nikunj Garg, the Reporter of TIMESNOW said, ”Rahul, two of the most damning conclusion, that have been drawn by the investigation by the National Investigation Agency which is country’s premier anti-terror body, Kerala police, and other law and order, enforcement and intelligence agencies, whose inputs have been collated, in this dossier of the MHA, which they will be presenting into the tribunal once the ban is imposed and it is only a matter of days that the PFI is banned. Now that’s why we again we started to see ………………” Mr. Nikunj Garg continued: “…………………………….. and that is not I am saying or you are saying and it is the part of the dossier from the Ministry, we have accessed today”.

Mohammad Perwez Ahmed further stated in the compiled: ‘Popular Front of India believes in the laws of land and legal system of our country. So, we are ready to face the investigation of any agency including NIA and prove our innocence in all false allegations, cited in the channel.’ According to the above said contents telecasted in the channel, he said, it is evident that the TIMESNOW has either stolen the official secrets from the MHA or it was leaked by somebody in the MHA to TIMESNOW and the same was aired in the public, which is an anti-national activity, that attracts the penal provisions of the law as it has been very serious violations of the administrative protocol, secrecy and media ethics.

Hence, he requested the concerned police official to lodge a First Information Report in this matter against the TIMESNOW Television Channel, Mr. Anand Narasimhan, Mr. Rahul Shivshankar, Mr. Nikunj Garg, their accomplish and the responsible officials of MHA and initiate the criminal investigation under the proper penal sections of the laws accordingly

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