“Ensuring freedom and security is the primary duty of governments”

Ensuring freedom and security is the primary duty of governments

The National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut in Kerala discussed the socio-political situations prevailing in the country and called upon the governments and all sections of the society to save India from rising threats of intolerance and fanaticism. The rise of intolerance and the attempts to polarize the nation on religious lines will be a tragedy for the country and will definitely damage overall growth and development. The meeting pointed out that the primary duty of democratically elected governments at the Centre and States is to ensure freedom and security of people belonging to all religions and streams of thoughts. It can be achieved only if the governments show the guts to take stringent administrative and legal actions against various Sangh Parivar elements that have become more emboldened to trigger violence under new political dispensations. All fringe elements of Sangh Parivar have attained a sense of immunity from law under the BJP governance.
The house extended its support to the writers, film makers and scientists for their protest against the denial of freedom in the country. It observed that the protests of prominent personalities have been pivotal in bringing these issues to the forefront. The meeting also condemns the intolerant attitude of the central government in dealing with the protesting individuals and groups. Such an attitude by the government will further encourage the elements of communal hatred and violence.
The house also called upon all the secular forces to join hands to defeat the nefarious designs of the communal fascists. Our pluralist values are under direct attack today. It is the duty of all sensible people to join hands in defending the secular character of the nation and the diversity in the society from the threats posed by Sangh Parivar. It is time that people should set aside their minor differences and stand united to protect our national unity, freedom and diversity.
The NEC of Popular Front of India observed it a shame for the nation that the victims of 1984 Anti-Sikh riots still waits in vain for justice. The meeting also urged the peace loving citizens of the country to stand up and speak for justice to Babri Masjid. Popular Front also demanded the central government to fulfill its responsibility by punishing the culprits of the demolition in 1992 and rebuilding Babri Masjid.
National Chairman K M Shareef presided over the meeting which was attended by General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Secretary Abdul Wahid Sait, Vice Chairman E M Abdul Rahiman, Treasurer Khalid Rashadi & other NEC members.

Mohammed Arif Ahmed

Media Director,

Popular Front of India

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