Union Law Minister’s remarks shameful: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman E. Abubacker in a statement has said that the remarks made by Union Law Minster Ravi Shankar Prasad following the airing of an alleged sting operation by India Today are shameful and utterly unbecoming of his position as union minister.

While the authenticity of the video is yet to be verified, the minister lost no time before publicly attacking Muslim organizations for forced conversions in Kerala. A man of his position in Government does not need a hardly believable sting operation carried out by individuals with background in either professional or ethical journalism to investigate an organization like Popular Front. Such moves would only create the impression that the minister and government are so desperate for reasons to suppress organizations, that they don’t even mind fabricating it by employing paid media persons and channels. Popular Front is and always has been an organization that stands by the constitutional values. Such videos actually are testimonies that there is nothing against us except fabricated evidence allegedly contained in the investigative reports doing the rounds now. We challenge minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and India today to publish complete unedited video if they have an iota of ethics left.

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